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 Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules I_icon_minitimeSat 12 Jul - 6:03

Still with us? Great! lets go over the Roleplay rules now.

We are a semi-realistic roleplaying site and base ourselves off of  "Naruto" a Japanese manga.  But I would like it if you still roleplayed realistically.
Roleplay rules:

Character Creation: When creating your character, we ask that you start off with a lower ranking ninja(Academy student or a Genin) so you can gain more knowledge of the naruto world(meaning more experience in jutsu's), such as going through the process of being trained in a team and by a Jounin(Your sensei). This will aslo enable your character to gain a deeper connection to those in his or her team as well as his(her) sensei.

God-Modding/Auto-Hitting Is not allowed on this site; God-modding means that you take over the other persons character forcing them to do stuff they have not consented to.; Auto-hitting means that you automatically hit the other persons character without a 'go-ahead' from them.

Ranks: We ask that you do not apply for high-ranks (sannin,jounin,and/or ANBU), this is so we can kick start the chunin exams and have more people actually training for things instead of automatically knowning a certain amount of jutsu.

Missions: To advance from Genin to Chunin. The genin must complete 10 D-Rank Missions and at least 2 C-Rank Mission, missions can be viewed in the 'mission board' forum located in the village itself; Kage's remember to post missions with in this board so they can be completed.
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Roleplay Rules
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