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 Mission Rewards

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Rarda Yana

Rarda Yana

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PostSubject: Mission Rewards   Mission Rewards I_icon_minitimeSat 24 Jan - 3:09


The most common activity for a shinobi to handle, Missions are a great way to gain Experience, Money, and to learn and have a good time in general. With greater reward comes greater difficulty, with D rank being common every day helping people, to S+ suicide missions that can change the world.

E Rank Missions - These are mostly training missions for younger and new genin. 5 Experience Points Earned Each.

D Rank - Real missions, earning some real experience, for genin more than anything. 10 Experience Points Earned Each.

C Rank - Missions that begin to show some danger, and require more experience. 25 Experience Earned Each.

B Rank - Dangerous missions, only strong shinobi could take on these missions. 50 Experience Points Earned Each.

A Rank - Very Dangerous Missions, death is a likihood for those not experienced enough. 100 Experience Points Earned Each.

S Rank - Exceptionally dangerous, these are often village altering, or effect the world at large for one reason or another, and death is common for thise unprepared. 250 Experience Points Earned Each.

S+ Rank - The most dangerous of missions, death is almost assured, and these missions will alter the world for better or worse. 1,000 Experience Points Earned Each.
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Mission Rewards
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